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My mom dated him. He would come to our house. I look nothing like my brothers n sisters n always felt different. Could he be my dad. Alot of the songs remind me if my mom he is singing to. My hair is like his. I live to sing but was forbidden.


He had the most beautiful voice.so happy I got to hear wasted days and next teardrop.glad he had those huge hits,I know there would have been more with that voice.He sang from the heart.

Daniel Wesolowski

Hello Tammy,
I was lucky enough to be in the right place
At the right time, because when your Father
Was having a concert at Mira Mar Naval air
Station in San Diego, ( Marine Corps air station)
(Now) I happened to working on some equipment
In a room next to the stage. The concert was
About to start and I was making a bit of noise
Working, so one of the ushers asked me if I
Would come back and finish my work after
The concert was over, When Freddy Fender
Was through performing. I agreed politely and
Was gathering my tools to leave, when the man in charge of the concert hall noticed me and
When he spoke said” that was very kind of
You” Then he added , questioning me.
“Do you know who’s performing here this evening?
I answered, “ Why yes I do.” Then I added
I play in a band , every time we play I sing
“Wasted days and wasted nights” one of Freddy
Fenders hits. He looked at me and smiled ,
Saying, if you’dlike to stay for the show , it’s on me
I was excited as I fallowed him into room where
The stage was set up. He set me down in a front
Row seat( the only seat left) . That evening I
Heard the MAN sing the song I had sang with my
Band, so many times. I never dreamed I’d
Ever meet him but I was able to get his
Autograph after the concert. Like I said
“ the right place at the right time” A real high
Point in my life. It gave me the inspiration to
Write a song Freddy Fender Style, for him.
I was unable to contact anyone, as to how
I might get my song to the artist. Although
I made an effort many times. I was unsuccessful
So here it sets in
My library of songs gathering dust .
It’s bilingual entitled “ Don’t try to stop me
When I leave you for somebody new”
So Tammy, if there is anyone that you know
That sings like your Daddy , or his style,
Please let me know. I’d be delighted, to say the
Least. A Freddy Fender fan . That’s my story
Daniel Wesolowski That’s me !!!!
Blessings Tammy. 🎶🎶🎶🎶

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