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Personally I dislike his pretentious unfounded alien-styled inhumane chaotic pseudo-random material, which exists only for it’s own sake and creates sensory responses that are not of the composer’s intention, but just happen to occur.
Make no mistake: Ferneyhough is no real composer; and the fact that this has never been accordingly stated or criticized shows the times in which we live: Feed the people any rubbish, with just a hint of added intellectual superiority and they’ll believe it and worship your ‘message’.

... Ferneyhough... the charlatan king of pretentious wishful implication


Great to see some comment critical of Brian Ferneyhough’s ummm… “output”.

What I can also recommend, is the youtube channel called “fremsley001”, with great videos such as:
– “Brian Ferneyhough … in his own words”

fremsley001 has written this, about his youtube-channel:

“Devoted to all music that stands up by itself without the use of pretentious titles, pseudo-intellectual posturing or technical complexity for its own sake.

Objects of derision:
Birtwistle, Emsley, Ferneyhough, Finnissy, Stockhausen.

Exposing phonies.

Riling pseuds, sycophants and the humourless.”


Hasn’t “Fremsley” got anything better to do!? There’s another obsessive type out there (Alan Page?) whose own music is rather pitiful and which may explain why he has an axe to grind.

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