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GFR has been my favorite band for 46 years; however, not the same without Mark Farner! Mark still sounds great and there's no comparison for the connection that took place when they were Mark, Don & Mel! Get over it and get the original band back together again!!!

Tamara Bradshaw

Mark Farner is the only lead man for Grand Funk.
He was the sex appeal and let's be honest, that matters almost as much as the music itself.
Don? Pff.

Stevie Jones

True enough, but Sonny and Cher were great, also hard to re-unite... Ditto for Simon and Garfunkel, and for The Police.

Hal Nathan

I am from Australia and in the 1970's , GFR was tops...After 1977, GFR got very little airplay at all downunder. It is a shame that the songs on the Red album ( especially Paranoid ) were not commercial so more followers from other countries would know of this fantastic trio. I actually found out about GFR on a program called GTK that was on TV at 6.30pm weeknights in Australia...They did Inside Looking Out but the song was cut short as it was so long....That was the start of my G.F.R albums.The first album " On Time " was the only album i never bought. All my G.F.R records were played once to tape to cassette and never played again. That was only to keep them in near mint condition. With marc leaving, i felt the best part of the band has gone..Sorry Don & Mel...However i will be attending the concert in cleveland on the 20th January 2018 with my wife as i have been wanting to see them for over 40 years.

Todd high

Don you are not a man

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