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Russell from Bayside

Couple of corrections: I mis-spoke when I said "the last 350 miles" of our hitch hike up there - it was probably 150. The whole trip was about 260 miles each way.
Also, my bit said "my family camped a lot". No, my friends and I camped a lot. My family, as a family, didn't camp at all! My father was a jazz musician and my Mom a proper English lady, so camping in the woods wasn't their thing.
Finally, when it rained, I wanted it to stop! I wasn't dressed for it, and didn't bring any protective gear. The last thing anyone wanted was for it to become a Woodstock mud bath! But, it was a great time.


We went to the concert and did everything that was talked about above. we bought tickets to sell when we got there but by the time we got there all the fences were down and it was declared a free concert. Still have 10 tickets still in the original Ticketron envelope. Fun time!!


Three of us drove up to the concert from Deer Park/Brentwood LI, in my buddy Jimmy’s Dodge. Some girls from our summer job wanted to go but we said no. Damned if we didn’t wake up the morning after we got there and those girls were calling our names outside of our tent! We couldn’t believe they found us out of 600,000 people?!? Jimmy and I had given money to the third guy to “buy the food stuff.” We only had him come along because we couldn’t afford to go with just two of us. We chipped in for gas and tolls...and actually had to take two tires off my car to replace Jimmy’s bald ones and the battery from the other guy’s car...just to make one road worthy car for the trip. But we got there like 2 a.m. The strangest thing was, there was so much traffic that we decided to cut off on what looked like a side road through the woods...and damned if we didn’t drive right in front of the stage! Just dumb luck. We cruised right through the stage entrance and no one stopped us or said a word...or even asked for our tickets! So, we drove up a nearby hill, set up our tent and crashed for the night. The next morning, we opened the truck to make breakfast and saw that the third guy spent the money we gave him on two loaves of bread, a couple jars of peanut butter and cases of beer....hahahaha. What a meathead. But what a great time! I had brought my camera and shot a few rolls during the time we were there. Still have my Summer Jam t-shirt somewhere. We were 19 y.o.. We mainly went because we had sort of been cheated out of “Woodstock.” Even though we were young for Woodstock, Jimmy and I were on tour at that time in a 40-voice folk choir. We were excited because that tour had a performance IN WOODSTOCK during the festival. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize the festival had been moved to White Lake. So, when we got to the town of Woodstock, it was a virtual ghost town. So, we actually DID perform at Woodstock during the 1969 Festival....but not “Woodstock,” the actual festival. Going to Watkins Glen was our “payback” festival. The following year, brought me BACK to Watkins Glen, when I got to drive in the Grand Prix....in a VW “mileage event.” I was a writer/photographer for my college newspaper and got offered the gig and jumped at it. Ended up on “Wide World of Sports” and met Mario Andretti and the other famous drivers, who had invited my “co-pilot” and I to the clubhouse because we had come in DEAD LAST PLACE....instead of trying to win and get the best mileage, we gunned the VW around the racetrack as fast as we could go just to have a blast! Andretti and the others said it was the funniest thing and thought we were cool to do that. )) Good times.

Mark O'Harps

some friends of mine from the beach-i lived on the beach in asbury park,n.j.that summer,hitched up there.we all lost each other once we got there.i met a young woman from just outside west hartford,ct.at the summer jam.it started raining,and we're walking around looking for shelter,when we walk almost right into a n.y.state trooper on horseback,who was grinning from ear to ear,stoned out of his mind.so just for the hell of it,i ask him did he know where a first aid tent was-he says "you didn't hear this from me,but,and don,t look now,but right behind me about 25 yards away or so is our horse trailer and it's warm and dry under there-rumor has it-but i didn't tell you that,o.k?if i remember right,i didn't even have to duck to get under there-and there was clean,dry straw only under there,and besides us no one else!slept through some of the 3 band jam at the end,but what we heard was the best either of us ever heard!we jumped on the trunk of a car that was leaving,she fell off and landed right on her ass-i screamed to the driver stop!she fell off!he didn't hear,so i jumped off and she was o.k.but we had thrown our packs and sleeping bags in the back of the car,but she wasn't hurt,and we were together!she asked me if i would hitch with her back to her home in ct.,that her parents were away on vacation,and...but that's another story...

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