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Russell from Bayside

Couple of corrections: I mis-spoke when I said "the last 350 miles" of our hitch hike up there - it was probably 150. The whole trip was about 260 miles each way.
Also, my bit said "my family camped a lot". No, my friends and I camped a lot. My family, as a family, didn't camp at all! My father was a jazz musician and my Mom a proper English lady, so camping in the woods wasn't their thing.
Finally, when it rained, I wanted it to stop! I wasn't dressed for it, and didn't bring any protective gear. The last thing anyone wanted was for it to become a Woodstock mud bath! But, it was a great time.


We went to the concert and did everything that was talked about above. we bought tickets to sell when we got there but by the time we got there all the fences were down and it was declared a free concert. Still have 10 tickets still in the original Ticketron envelope. Fun time!!

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